Monday, May 24, 2010

Song Writing

Carl Brown P.2
Song writing
The middle by Jimmy Eat World
Steven was an 18 year old senior at Eastview High School. He was a part of the varsity football team, and he also played Intramural basketball. He had a lot of good friends, and a very loving family. But what everyone didn’t know was that Steven had a love for cutting hair, and he didn’t want anyone to know because he thought that everyone would make fun of him. He started to try and tell his parents of his one true love, but they didn’t take him seriously and didn’t believe him. He got really mad at his parents and left the house to go and hang out with his friends. He met up with his friends at Lifetime to play some basketball. Steven and his friends played a few games of really competitive basketball, and then decided to leave. They got some food at Subway and started to talk. At this point no one was really saying anything, and the conversation was starting to go away. Finally Steven asked his friends a question. He asked them if they would think different of him if he was a hair dresser. They all laughed at him and started to make fun of him. Steven really didn’t like this and got really defensive. He started yelling at his friends and, at stormed out of Subway. After Steven left, his friends were shocked that Steven flipped out like that and didn’t know what to say. They started talking and said what you think Steven meant by that, I mean you guys can’t actually believe that Steven really wants to be a hair dresser. After his friends left they tried to call Steven, but he didn’t answer. Steven was at home ignoring everyone, and mad at the world because they weren’t accepting him. He finally let his parents back into his room so they could talk to him. They started to talk to him, and were asking him questions like what’s wrong? Why are you so mad? Steven said you already know what’s wrong, you guys are just not giving me the support that I need. His parents said oh you are mad at us about the hair dressing thing. Steven said yeah that is what I am mad about. His parents then said Steven no matter what you decide to do when you grow up, we will always support you and back your decision. Steven then asked, well why didn’t you guys say that earlier? His parents said well we didn’t think that you were serious. Steven then said ok well I accept your apology. After Steven and his parents talked he called his friends back up, and they decided to meet up again at the mall. They were walking around and Steven brought up the hair dresser conversation again. Steven said that he was sorry that he freaked out on them, and didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. His friends accepted his apology, and said that they would support Steven in anything that he decided to do. Steven then realized that a lot of people really did care about him, and that he was very important in this world. Steven would end up living a great life styling hair, and lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go animate video

URL Link to my go animate video-

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

I am going to do a goanimate project. A story that I could do is a short story about a basketball player. In this story I will talk about how this basketball player started playing basketball and who go t him interested into the sport. I will also talk about how he did in the pros and what he is doing now since he has retired. In this short story my message will be, that anyone can do what they want to do no matter what their situation is.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Collabortive Writing Project

I think we should all make our own littleshort stories, and then publish them on the internet and try to make alitlle bit of money out of it. I think that this is a good idea because we would be doing a lot of writing, and then we would have the chance at making a little bit of moneyy out of it in the end. Also I think that if we had a chance to make a little bit of money out of it then, we would try a litlle harder to do better on it and make sure that it is the best that it can be. Another cool thing that we could do is everyone writes just one page of a story, and then we combine everyone's pages to make one big story. This we be cool becasue we would all work together to make a nice little story.

Friday, April 23, 2010


In my opinion I think that a lot of this stuff could end up happening. I think a lot of compaines are going to go out and buy eachother companies to make one hugge company. Also another thing that I think will end up happening is the virtually reality stuff. I think by 2050 we will be able to live our own virtual reality life.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last night I went to track practice and played basketball with the team, after that I went to life time to lift and play a little more basketball. Then I went home took a shower and then went to the lacrosse game with Ryan Carrier. After that I went home did a little bit of home work and then went to bed. This weekend I don’t know what I am going to do yet, hopefully I will find something fun to do. On Monday I am going on my official visit to University of Minnesota Duluth where I will learn a whole lot more about the school, and be able to pick my classes and stuff. I think I will really like the trip because I heard from all of my friends that after you go on this visit…